01 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday

11 July 2012

10 July 2012

Superhero Photo

As a gift to myself, I enrolled in a photography course,  Superhero Photo: The Basics.  I've always wanted to take a photography course and it doesn't hurt that I get to tick something off my Life List .  I've long admired the pictures of friends and, of course, professional photographers but my inner critic has consistently convinced me that I lack the "eye" of a photographer.

Anyhow, a big lesson I've learned from Superhero Photo (at least in the beginning) so far is: "Ready, Fire, Aim!" If you're trying to be perfect in your creative process, then you will never get anything done Creativity, by it's nature, is  imperfect.  If there were a crystallized model for it, it wouldn't be creativity, it would be exact science (which I happen to know a little about). So here I am.  Firing now, fixing it later...at least until I get a better hang of things. 

When I write it here, it sounds ridiculous, but I sometimes don't take pictures of my girls because their faces or clothes are dirty, or they're only in DIAPERS (the HORROR), or the angle is wrong.  It's like, do I want to memorialize this moment of motherly imperfection (since, of course, good mothers keep EVERYTHING perfect ALL OF THE TIME).  The numbers your mind will do on you, huh?  How could I have been hesitant to capture all this beauty?  

13 June 2012

Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

As June approaches, I'm faced with a perpetual problem...the fathers in my life have EVERYTHING they need.  Since I've already breezed through the basics, my favorite gifts to give add a little pizazz to my special guy's (guys') life. 

Haspel Seersucker Blazer--Head to toe seersucker with a bowtie can be hard to pull off but a blazer pairs with dark jeans and a punchy belt, dark khakis or brightly colored chinos.  Yes, there are imitators, but Haspel is the originator.  Always classic. Always summery.  Available at finer department stores.

Gingham Shirt in a punchy color.  I love this one from Land's End Orig. $50 Now on SALE for $35

courtesy of Serious Eats  [Photo: Kathy YL Chan]
Stroopwafels  These amazing, delicately spiced chewy caramel cookies perch perfectly above a steamy cuppa, coffee or chai.  He will thank you, and you will take a bite and thank yourself. $15/dozen The Good Batch 

Real Maple Syrup...because we all love pancakes and waffles and no one deserves to eat Maple "Flavored" Syrup $12.50 for 250 mL Nutting Farm 

Quirky Switch Modular Multi-Tool because even if he's not the handiest, he needs to open a bottle or cut an apple every now and again. $79 at Quirky

TerraForma Whisky Stones because, really? How Fatherly. $19 Amazon

Q's Nuts...hand these over with a sixer and a fresh pair of boxers and leave the man to watch TV. Cayenne Mango are my Absolute FAVE! $4 for 3oz. Q's Nuts 

SmartWool Socks...because ties are over and these are the best socks ever! Wicking in warm weather and warming in cool weather.  $20/pair; $50/ trio SmartWool

The Week he's too busy parenting to watch the news.  This will keep him in the loop. $60 for 50 issues The Week   

What will you be getting the dads in your life?

Wordless Wednesday

23 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well, this first one is not exactly wordless but this is something new I'm trying...you add the words.