23 November 2011

Fall Favorites

Top to bottom, left to right: HannahBlountJewelry barnacle ring, Galvinized Headwear Gossip Curl, Cocoa Butter Stick, MAC Oversexed plushglass, OPI Tickle My France-y, Hydrolatum, LUSH SugarBabe

24 October 2011

Too long

I've been away too long...I'm back, sort of.  Please accept this as a gift from me (or Wendy) to you.  It's worth the five minutes

22 February 2011


This blog has been neglected lately...there's not much sartorially noteworthy about the togs one wears when pregnant with twins.  Also, I lack motivation to seek out sartorial eye candy because, well, I'm selfish, and if I can't wear it...NO ONE CAN (not exactly but you catch my drift).  For now,  I'm nesting and filling every room in my house with baby paraphernalia as is my prerogative.  Please bear with me.  These days you can find me here