22 July 2010

Summer time...continued

Save a few anachronisms and a thunderstorm the Roaring 20's Birthday Party went off without a hitch...and with 4 magnums of prosecco.  Good day sir!  I said GOOD DAY!

Happy Birthday to US!

And...as often, photos by my Notable Neighbor Sister

09 July 2010

Not Exactly the Cocktail Whim

But I *did* enjoy a delightful birthday.  Beginning upon waking but photodocumented from about 8AM.  First, Neighbor Sister came to give me a ride to school and I was straining a beautiful concoction.  Honey Lavender Oat infused Vodka (Figure 1).

We decided we needed to test the goods (Figure 2).

A titer of vodkamel later (Figure 3).

We were well on our way to a party (Figure 4).

We made it to lab by quarter past 10.   I had a fabulous day with my labmates.  I introduced them to the infusion (peer review).

Observations:  Floral

Conclusions: Dangerous

Finally, I headed to dinner with Ashkenaz Spice at L'Espalier where we enjoyed their Top Shelf feature.
Courtesy Lauren Palumbo, L'Espalier.

My freaking goodness does 30 look fabulous!?!

07 July 2010

OPI Axxium Gel Manicure

The Pink Flamenco lasted two weeks and I LOVED it.  Today I'm rocking the Miss Celie hairdo and OPIs Aphrodite's Pink Nightie.  I've been doing this Axxium thing for one month.  I went from no nails to pretty ones.  Not bad.
No Nails
Pretty Nails

Miss Celie

06 July 2010

Jambu Shoes

As previously mentioned, because of this blog, I'm compelled to keep an eye out for things I never before noticed and be bold in inquiring about other's fashion choices.  One such inquiry paid off in spades at the bus stop the other day when I saw an adorable child running circles around the legs of a fashionable woman.   My eyes were immediately drawn to her punchy yet sensible sandals.  They were, she shared, Jambu.   It's beginning to look like I need to clean out my closet.  Time to refresh the wardrobe with new shoes.

02 July 2010

Loving: Kork Ease

Maybe this blog is a bad idea.  I feel encouraged to find new things I'd like share and wear.  As a result... Kork Ease.  My GOODNESS these are cute.  I'm going to buy a pair or four.  I bought a pair of Tommy Hilfiger platform sandals in high school and I finally got rid of them last year.  Kork Ease has captured their essence.  Apparently Kork Ease has been around since 1953, had boom in the '70s.  Fortunately for my bank account, I never knew.  As far as I'm concerned they are quite en vogue.  I present to you:  Kork Ease