09 July 2010

Not Exactly the Cocktail Whim

But I *did* enjoy a delightful birthday.  Beginning upon waking but photodocumented from about 8AM.  First, Neighbor Sister came to give me a ride to school and I was straining a beautiful concoction.  Honey Lavender Oat infused Vodka (Figure 1).

We decided we needed to test the goods (Figure 2).

A titer of vodkamel later (Figure 3).

We were well on our way to a party (Figure 4).

We made it to lab by quarter past 10.   I had a fabulous day with my labmates.  I introduced them to the infusion (peer review).

Observations:  Floral

Conclusions: Dangerous

Finally, I headed to dinner with Ashkenaz Spice at L'Espalier where we enjoyed their Top Shelf feature.
Courtesy Lauren Palumbo, L'Espalier.

My freaking goodness does 30 look fabulous!?!

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