26 September 2010

10 Things to do while you're living in Boston

Salt and Pepper bridge in Spring
via: http://www.pubclub.com/boston/photos.htm
We've arrived at a special time of year.  Students are halfway to midterms and finance types are half way to their first State Street performance evaluations.  We're settling in.  
10.  Live on the opposite side of the Charles from where you work.  Even on the most gloomy days, it's spirit lifting to ride on the salt and pepper bridge across the Charles.
09.  Get to the Esplanade for fireworks on the Fourth of July.
08.  Go on a Duck Tour.
07.  Take advantage of free nights at local museums.  They're a fun way to start budget dates!
06.  Visit the Arnold Arboretum in JP during the spring when the trees are blossoming.
05.  Find a hobby for the winter and stick to it.  Especially if you're not from a cold weather climate.  Bar trivia and cardio kicboxing worked for me.  The winters can be long, cold and depressing otherwise.
04.  Check out the North End Festivals in the summer.  Eat the street food, grab a cup of gelato and stay tuned for the show.
03.  Explore the city by bike.  Urban Adventours gives a good show.  There's so much you can see by bike in this city that you miss in a car or on a Duck Tour.
02.  Head back the Arboretum to check out fall foliage.
01.  Pick an area and learn it back and forth.  Make friends with people who've done the same.  Boston is a city of squares.  A lot of the fun in exploring it is that each neighborhood has it's charms and holes in the wall.  Show me yours, I'll show you mine!

*Students, take advantage of Student Rush Tickets for Fall theater.  Some awesome shows play for unbelievable prices.  Also, check with the events office at your school to get discounts on shows and sporting events.
*Free summer movies at the Boston Harbor Hotel 
*Feel free to share your suggestions

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