05 October 2010

Life List No.9: Have at Least One Squishy Baby

Well Friends,
I've outdone myself.  I've been out of commission for a while for various reasons.  Among them, the first trimester of pregnancy!  I was approaching Life List Item 57 with much vigor until 'restrictions' got in the way.  Restrictions being my spontaneous incubation of not one but  TWO squishy babies.  YES! TWINS! I'm over so much of the shock  now.  Ashkenaz Spice and I are pretty excited and proceeding as I'm sure many neurotic first time parents do.  I'm hoping to scratch two more items off my Life List before the twinkies arrive.  Hurray for Wigs and Squigs!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! Whenever I played the "Game of Life" when I was a kid I would always aim to spin the wheel so I would strategically land on the "You've had twins!" box on the board and add two more pieces into my little car. I'm sure your little squishes will bring you equally as much pleasure and joy :)