12 April 2012

5 Simple Things That Should Change Your Perceived Quality of Life

I've learned these things 'on the street' and from friends who really "know how to live"...try them, you might like them (I originally posted this to my, now inactive, LiveJournal)

1. Buy nice handsoap for your kitchen and your bathroom
You might be surprised but having "special" handsoap in your bathroom and kitchen is almost like being at a resort...no foolin'.  While Softsoap and Dial get the job done, there's nothing like going to wash your hands and experiencing the scent of lavender or lemongrass or green tea with floral notes.  It sounds simple and may cost a dollar or two more than your supermarket special but believe me, its worth it.  I now go to TJ MAXX, Marshall's and Trader Joe's for my handsoap.  Seriously, try this for a few months and then tell me if you want to go back to Boraxo.

2. Eat from real dishes with real silverware and not out of plastic storage containers.

I'm certainly guilty of this, but life is so much better when you sit down to lunch at work and eat your salad from a real plate with a real fork and not from a Ziploc disposable container with a plastic fork or spork.  Its easy.  Buy a place setting for work and keep it where you keep your personal belongings.  Never put them away dirty and your dishes will always be ready for you the next time you need to eat.

3.  Always have enough liquor and mixers for a cocktail.  Alternatively, always have enough ice cream and soda for a float.

Some days are just bad.  You want to go home, curl up, watch TV and let your brain go numb.  Days like these deserve cocktails and when you have mixers and booze on hand, a cocktail is just a couple of splashes away.   If you want to be fancy, make sure you always have straws.  Extra fancy?  A curly straw.  Then curl up with the cocktail.  See how much better that feels?  This can also be done with a float.

4.Take up a meditative hobby.

Everyone is so busy these days.  I'm sure we've all said, at one time or another, I'd love to take a break and do something relaxing in my free time.  Chances are that you're the biggest obstacle standing between you and relaxing leisure.  Take a meditative hobby.  Gardening, pottery, art, flower arranging etc.  Learning something new is great for your brain, it keeps you on your toes and it takes your mind off of workaday concerns.  Wins all around.

5.Walk to places near enough to walk to that you usually drive to.
This is going to upset some people.  I'm going to be accused of being preachy by others.  Its not my intention.  I'm not trying to save the world here (though that may be an indirect benefit).  You see and hear so much walking that you don't see or hear  in a car.  Walking increases your systemic circulation and delivery of oxygen to all of your organs and tissues.  Its clear that our brains like oxygen, if they go without for extended periods of time, they begin to die...why not feed them and experience the world surrounding you at the same time?

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