13 June 2012

Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

As June approaches, I'm faced with a perpetual problem...the fathers in my life have EVERYTHING they need.  Since I've already breezed through the basics, my favorite gifts to give add a little pizazz to my special guy's (guys') life. 

Haspel Seersucker Blazer--Head to toe seersucker with a bowtie can be hard to pull off but a blazer pairs with dark jeans and a punchy belt, dark khakis or brightly colored chinos.  Yes, there are imitators, but Haspel is the originator.  Always classic. Always summery.  Available at finer department stores.

Gingham Shirt in a punchy color.  I love this one from Land's End Orig. $50 Now on SALE for $35

courtesy of Serious Eats  [Photo: Kathy YL Chan]
Stroopwafels  These amazing, delicately spiced chewy caramel cookies perch perfectly above a steamy cuppa, coffee or chai.  He will thank you, and you will take a bite and thank yourself. $15/dozen The Good Batch 

Real Maple Syrup...because we all love pancakes and waffles and no one deserves to eat Maple "Flavored" Syrup $12.50 for 250 mL Nutting Farm 

Quirky Switch Modular Multi-Tool because even if he's not the handiest, he needs to open a bottle or cut an apple every now and again. $79 at Quirky

TerraForma Whisky Stones because, really? How Fatherly. $19 Amazon

Q's Nuts...hand these over with a sixer and a fresh pair of boxers and leave the man to watch TV. Cayenne Mango are my Absolute FAVE! $4 for 3oz. Q's Nuts 

SmartWool Socks...because ties are over and these are the best socks ever! Wicking in warm weather and warming in cool weather.  $20/pair; $50/ trio SmartWool

The Week he's too busy parenting to watch the news.  This will keep him in the loop. $60 for 50 issues The Week   

What will you be getting the dads in your life?

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