13 December 2009

Champagne Flute Roundup

I'm skipping the Festival of Lights and The Birth of Christ to go straight for what I consider to be the best 'holiday' of the season...New Year's Eve.  I don't love it for the idea of a new beginning.  The older I get the scarier the passing of years becomes (I have so little to show for all this time).  I love it for the glitz and sparkle.  Forget all these songs about New England being best for Christmas.  This is a great place to spend a New Year if you can't make it to San Francisco, that is.  I told you I love glitter, did I also say I love champagne?  Well I do, I love champagne and I might even say that champagne bubbles sparkle, like glitter.  So in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I bring you my champagne flute roundup.

 I love the Fairshare Fountain (that's the uninterrupted pour) and the Celebration flutes that have different toasts etched on them.  The dots and swirls are playful.  The simple and classy Efva Attling flute (top left) comes with a ring (and an otherwordly price tag) attached to the stem.  The Aarne Crystal glasses are modern and sleek (what else to expect from MoMA?), and the Waterford are beautiful and classic.  Are we done with kegstands?  Where and from what will you drink your tipple this New Years Eve?

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