06 January 2010

Back on the scene

I'm back and it's been a while.  So much has been happening.  I'm enjoying being a newlywed.  Grad School is a bear and I'm preparing for my annual departmental talk...T minus two weeks.  AND, I have this CRAZY New Year's Resolution...to be credit debt free by 30...that's six months from now folks.  Well, 6 months and a couple days, give or take.  This will require me to be very aggressive about paying off my card, it will require me to spend cash in hand and not spend beyond my means and it will take a lot of creative budgeting.  To be honest, I inspired myself to do this by paying off another credit card.  It's a crazy feeling to be an inspiration for oneself.  While paying off the card was liberating, I still had this nagging feeling.  No, I wouldn't have to pay on the 'done' card anymore, but I still have this substantial debt on my other card.  After all this, I'll still have student loans to pay, but who knows when I'll graduate? (let's hope someone knows...and let's hope it's closer to schedule than not).  Being rid of this debt will be such a great start for our family and our financial future.  Happy NewYear!

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