23 March 2010

Mighty Life List

Taking my inspiration from Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl, with no further ado, my Life List*:

  1. Drink Absinthe, the right way
  2. Travel to Morocco
  3. Travel to Africa (other than Morocco&Egypt)
  4. Travel to Egypt
  5. Travel to Argentina
  6. Travel to Cuba
  7. Send Mom to Hawaii
  8. Live abroad for at least three months
  9. have at least one squishy baby
  10. take the hill on the bike path at UCSC again
  11. settle in a place where the seasons are less pronounced
  12. Travel to Israel
  13. Take a road trip across the U.S.
  14. Take a road trip punctuated by East Coast diners (especially oceanside ones)
  15. Start a business 
  16. fund a scholarship
  17. finish my PhD
  18. Write a book
  19. Take a photography class
  20. Have enough
  21. Take a fabulous vacation with my BFFs
  22. Take my mom on a spa holiday to Calistoga
  23. Take my mom wine tasting in Napa
  24. Have a wedding/commitment ceremony in a public park at dusk  10.24.2009
  25. Take Mom, Aunt Billye and Granny to Dinner in 2010, the banner year and raise a fabulous toast to the matriarchs
  26. Travel to India
  27. Travel to Iceland
  28. Run a Marathon 
  29. Obliterate my credit card debt   5/2010
  30. Build a stock portfolio
  31. Learn European knitting  Yay!! 8/2008
  32. visit Brazil
  33. Have a flower garden
  34. Skinny dip in warm tropical waters
  35. Have business cards made with the text 'Cocktail Enthusiast' 3/2010
  36. Pay down student loan debt by half before I graduate
  37. Throw a party to meet my neighbors
  38. Do fun things that make me happy (ongoing)
  39. Spend more time creating things in my creative space and less time wondering what I'd be watching if I had a TV
  40. learn to sew 
  41. learn an aerial dance
  42. learn to make croissants
  43. vacation in the French countryside
  44. knit/crochet a blanket  2/2011
  45. compile a book of family favorite recipes
  46. get my Etsy business spinning
  47. Visit Indonesia
  48. Be a tourist in Boston
  49. Be more photodocumentary
  50. Learn to can/preserve produce well
  51. Go back to camp in Tahiti
  52. Throw impromptu summer and autumn dinner parties
  53. Get back to piano lessons (probably after graduate school)
  54. Continue to throw Ashkenaz Spice Fabulous Birthday Parties
    1. 2008-- BBQ and Bowling Surprise Party with Birthday Pie 
    2. 2009-- Kickball Classic 
    3. 2010--Birthday Beer Dinner for Men
    4. 2011--
  55. Embrace my friends
  56. Grow a larger social circle
  57. 52 Cheeses in 52 weeks! 
    • chevre
    • taleggio
    • cheddar
    • oma
    • blue cheese
    • parmigiano reggiano
    • shy brothers hannahbells--which are FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS!!! and deserving of their own blog post coming soon
      • lavender
      • shallot
    • St. Agur Blue
    • Triple Cream Goat Brie 
    • Ewe's Blue
    • Midnight Moon 
    • fig burrata 
    • mozzarella
    • gouda
    • colby
    • ricotta
    • paneer
    • panquehue
    • boucheron
    • raschera
    • summer snow, soft like camembert--Woodcock Farm
    • Lake's Edge, blue--Blue Ledge Farm
    • Brillo di Treviso 
    • Bayley Hazen Blue--Jasper Hill Farm
    • Minolette...it's conditioned by cheese mites. not sure how to feel about this
  58. Organize a girly retreat in the Vermont or NorCal woods
  59. High Tea at the Russian Tea Room
  60. Visit the Musée Dupuytren whilst on a leisurely trip to Paris
  61. Accupuncture for my trick wrist
  62. Write at least one first author paper
  63. Go whale watching
  64. Eat like a Pilgrim
  65. Make a paper garland
  66. Make a picnic blanket and gift it in a picnic basket!
  67. Start a handwriting journal! (added: 11/2012)

    *This list is in no way exhaustive.

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