15 November 2009

A handy fix

Quiet as it's kept, my mother is an erstwhile nail technician. During my early teen years, I filled my Caboodles with nothing but nail polish (I wasn't allowed to wear make-up). I was a bad daughter though, the worst kind for a nail tech. I was a nail biter. I'd hoard all these fabulous and vibrant nail lacquers and I'd use them, but only on my toes. As I got older, I went through bouts of biting, not biting, acrylics, fiberglass wraps, and in my late 20's with the uncertainty of dating subsiding and my life plan a little more in place, my anxiety ebbed, the nail biting stopped and I dug into my stash of nail lacquer with reckless abandon.

Like most girls, I cut my teeth on Wet and Wild but with a nail tech for a mother, that didn't last long. I was introduced to the luxurious pigments of OPI and, later discovered, Essie my alternating drugs of choice. Right now I'm loving Essie's fall collection.

I'm currently rocking the Mink Muffs and dreaming about the real thing.  Before we know it, we'll be into the winter colors.

I have to say, I'm not much for the creme red of the Lollipop.  The Rock Candy is nude and semi innocuous, and the Mint Candy Apple...well, let's just say that green on the fingernails kind of hearkens to fungus.  What do you all think about the fall and winter colors?  What will you be rockin' at the Holiday Party?  Which of these colors can you see poking out from my glittens?

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