12 November 2009

Happy Feet

It's no secret that winters in New England can be HARSH.  The first year I spent here, I refused to wear boots or hat, glove, scarf ensembles that didn't at least complement my coat.  Not to coordinate would have been  simply unfashionable.   It took one disabled and delayed bus to change that thinking.  Since I've been knitting things to complement my current wardrobe, I'm heading back into footwear.  Last year I made one of the best purchases ever.  Born Thicket boots in black.  They're the perfect winter boot.  Rubber soles to prevent slippage, lined, warm, leather.  My only regret is that I didn't buy them in brown too.

This winter I'm looking for a fashionable pair of comfortable boots (or two--to the husband's dismay) in punchy, or at least less wintry (read drab, dark), colors.  Comfort is key.  Neckbreaking Loboutin's need not apply, though I'm totally loving these Bloc mini heels... 

from: www.christianlouboutin.fr

I digress.  I went back to Born because the durability, comfort and aesthetic I find in their footwear has made me a disciple.  Aside from the brown Thicket, I'm considering the Audie boot (here in sage green) and the Allegra boot (in grape)  I also just love the Gellar.  It's not a boot but it has enough of a heel to raise me a bit out of the snow.  I love the Gellar's stitching, heel detail and laces. 

Boot Shopping 1
Which shoes should I get? Should I get two pair? Should I get some other heretofore unmentioned comfortable boots that are just as fabulous in the snow as they are on cobbled brick walks (if other, please mention which boots in the comments)? Interwebs, help me out.

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