10 November 2009

Magnificent Millinery

I've always been one for what I consider to be subtle flair. I'm of the mind that you don't always need to be wearing the highest heels or the most decadent mink to make a statement. Usually, jeans, a tshirt and some fab earrings will be just fine, thank you. But on the days, when I'm itching for that extra snap, when I need an extra pop of drama, I reach for a headpiece.

It's a nearly natural progression, I was raised by church ladies. On Sunday's they'd step out and make Lady A's inaugural hat look like a propeller cap. It wasn't until college that I developed my own millinery tastes. I'll never forget the cover of the Heart and Soul magazine that the ravishing Ms. E. Badu graced, sporting jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer, her afro in full splendor, Converse Chuck Taylor X-Hi sneakers and a beautiful piece from Leah C. Couture Millinery. My appetite for headwear was whet but my budget was all 'Hell-to-the-naw!' Fast fashion boutiques like Forever 21 and H&M got hip to headwear, but the quality of their product was lacking.

Recently and, might I add, serendipitously, I hit up a street fair where I encountered one of the most stylish women in Boston and her uber crafted wares. I was hooked and MasterCard was enabling so I bit. Am I ever glad I did! So far, I've acquired a gossip curl headband (see image: www.galvinizedhats.com), a sweet convertible fascinator veil for my wedding, a feather creation and another cute everyday headband. There's no turning back. I might as well sign my paycheck over to Galvinized Headwear from here on out.

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