13 November 2009

New England, as a menopausal woman

So, the fall in New England is equal parts beautiful and ridiculous.   New Englanders and NE transplants live in a menopausal environment.  There are those 70 degree F days, beautiful, ripe for hikes, the hot flashes.  We also have days when the mercury doesn't crack 50, the chills.  The latter days are the ones that have had me thinking about my cold mitts lately, which led to my musing over glittens.

The Husband (to be referred to as Ashkenaz Spice from now on) swears by this primitive but warm and utilitarian pair of Thinsulate glittens.  I think they approach hideous and look barbaric but when I wore them, they were magic.  The Thinsulate lined insides and the wool body of the glove had me thinking I stuck my hand in a warm cloud of comfort.  Since then I've been looking for some fashionable and warm glittens.  My criterion are that they not look marmish, gaelic (fair isle is not my style), or wack and that they cover my wrists.  I'm leaning toward glittens for the dexterity they allow*

 There are a couple of questionable things here, like who wears camel toe glittens?  Seriously?  Those are a reminder of what never to put on your hands...unless you're kin to Dr. Zoidberg.   Ashkenaz Spice's glittens are those oatmeal colored ostensible atrocities toward the bottom the others are glittens I'm considering.   How delightful are the cashmere glittens in Crayola colors?  The uber orange Carolina Amato gloves that escape looking like a jack-o-lantern?  I appreciate the understated simplicity of the black 'pop top' glittens and the Steven Alan glittens are pure funk.

I love the idea of a pop of color in the drab winter.  Color carries me a long way through the cold months.  Also, I'm considering the aubergine colored ruffled fleece ones (above right), though I could be persuaded otherwise.   How cute are these?  They're an Etsy find from the Rumstadt shop.  Deb makes fingerless gloves and glittens. They're economical, not cashmere or alpaca, but fleece should be warm right? 
What are you doing to keep your hands warm in the coming months?

*It's *so* gross to pull off my gloves with my teeth when boarding the bus to free my hands for grabbing my bus pass and then have the realization that I probably just got baby poo microbes in my mouth because that mom with the stroller gripped the railing with the death grip.

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