04 May 2010

I want to ride my...

                                          Photo courtesy of: Cycle Style Show 

Alright friends...this winter weight I'm carrying has gotten a bit burdensome, the weather is nice, I'm carless, that's right, it's high time for biking!!! And, well...a BIKE WARDROBE!!!!!

I'd love to say that I'm hip, and that I ride a fixie and wear a fascinator instead of a helmet, but, sadly it seems that none of this is true.  I ride a mountain bike, my loved ones demand that I wear a helmet and while I am one to rail against spandex and padding, I must say that they do help when biking long distances.

When I can help it, I wear the spandex and pads under a skirt or a pair of capri's...the helmet can't be helped but my mission for the last week or so, has been to find proper shoes for biking.

You see, there's a system.  I don't want to be caught in tennis shoes.  That's tacky.  Still, I need fashionable shoes whose soles are sturdy enough to use for brakes and don't look too contrived...even if it did take me weeks to decide upon them.  So far here's what I've come up with (click the pic to make it bigger):

Who's the fly girl at the farmer's market?  It's me! It's me!

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