06 May 2010


                                                        Source: mykitchenipad 
I'm often using my MacBook as a cookbook, schlepping it from one end of the kitchen to the other, waking it up to figure out whether that measurement I remembered was a 't' or a 'T', licking red sauce off the keyboard...okay, not so much the last one, but i digress.

Lately, I've been thinking that it could be not such a good idea to put this machine that my school work is highly dependent upon, in such eminent peril.  'I'm sorry professor,  I dropped my computer in a pot of stock and can't retrieve my data,' just doesn't sound like a good excuse.   So, I've been talking to Ashkenaz Spice recently about getting an iPad for the kitchen.  It's cheaper than a MacBook, it's more mobile and can easily be mounted.   Also, it opens up my cooking experience to less laborious podcasting of Hidden Kitchens, RadioLab and This American Life! (It's difficult to manipulate a clickwheel when you have bread dough on your hands).  To my surprise he's entertaining the idea.  I was sure that it would only be a matter of time before someone did this and it popped up somewhere like LifeHacker and sure enough, I find this on one of my favorite food news blogs.  It's clear that people are already totally in to this.

I'm not far enough removed from this.  I'm either totally out of my mind and plotting ways to squander our savings or on to something major.  Help me out y'all.  Would you use an iPad in your kitchen?

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