14 June 2010

A Handy Solution

I'm a picker, I'm finicky, I'm a sometimes perfectionist and I'm prone to fixation.  Basically, I can be an anxiety monster and my outlet is often my manicure.  Catch me in a nervous fit and you're likely to find me picking a cuticle, hangnail or scratching off nail polish.  Why?  Punishment, of course, for not being perfect.  I never said I wasn't crazy.  Anyhow, my fixations lead to a mixed bag of manicure results.  As long as I have time to get to a salon once every nine days or so for a manicure, my nails and hands look good, happy, healthy.  Let the manicure lapse, however, and we have problems.  Picking, biting, obsessively filing, first because 'my nails are ugly' (never mind that my fussing with them made them that way) then because I need to fix the damage I've inflicted.  All this AND I'm hard on my hands.  Being in lab means I'm washing them often.  Harsh.  Dry nails.  Dry hands.  NO MORE!   I've found an awesome solution.  OPI Axxium Gel Manicures!

Alright, I know, I sound like a shill, but here's the deal:  I'm not.  This product is just so awesome.  The Axxium gel system is a special gel formula that's painted over your natural nails and light cured.  Voila, great glossy long lasting manicure that lasts for up to three weeks.   Gel lacquer is so much more gentle and flexible than acrylic overlays or even traditional gel overlays.  I'm quite pleased.  Once my nails grow out I'll use more fun colors, for now, I'm sporting the Passion.  A neutral, so that if there are any glitches I can weather them until my next manicure.  

Pretty. Basic. Manicure.

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