14 June 2010

Loving: More cyclists forgo special garb, commute in heels and suits

On such muggy mornings, embrace prints, writes Velouria. “Patterns disguise sweat stains. Wear small stripes, flowers or polka dots, slap some deodorant on when you get to work, and you’re dry and fine in five minutes.’’ 
For the most part, I bike in spandex bottoms.  My commute is near ten miles, twenty round trip and unexpected chafe can become a real problem by the end of the day.  Spandex curbs that.  While I'm not so sure about the prints, or whether you should even be sharing that you're sweating like a pig, I like that people are biking!  Caveat:  As much as I hate the aesthetic of helmets and love cycling in style...really Bostonians?  You have to be nuts not to wear a helmet.  This place is not terribly bike friendly and the potholes can send you careening toward TBI.  *dismount soapbox*

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