28 June 2010

Nu Shooz

Oh.  yes.  My bike commute in 85 degree temperatures and 70% humidity was terrible, but I wore super shoes and super shoes make all the difference. Right?
Photo courtesy of the fabulous Neighbor Sister

Yes y'all.  Determined not to look like an obvious graduate student*,  I've put a touch of effort into my bike gear and it's paid off in these sweet sweet mama's.  They are just the beginning of my rubber bottomed bike shoe arsenal.  Those wedges?  They're rubber foam, perfectly 'foot braking' safe.  There's a  bit of a jute on the sole but most of it is rubber and I had great traction on the pedal.  What's the verdict?  VELOve these shoes?

*FAIL...yesterday (Sunday) i found my way into lab in a holey t-shirt with bike grease on my bosom.  Every day a new start right?

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